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woo woolf

by xiaonan wang




"i think females are lowercase letters"

9 Jun 2023 @ Calm Down Dear Festival, Camden People's Theatre



"Doesn't mean males are CAPITAL LETTERS"

from an all-female migrant creative team, woo woolf is a series of short devising pieces inspired by any random thing about virginia woolf, which might seem to be very or not really related to her eventually. we care about feminism, imagination and the language itself.


we are creating a hero or legend of females, but to arouse that subjectivity of seeing and thinking as a female in a patriarchal society.


what we are trying to bring on stage are the consciousness and awareness of females. and to dig out the funny and hygge daily moments that are too obvious and mundane to notice mainly through body and sound.

concept and dramaturg: xiaonan wang

direction: xiaonan wang, kiki ye

movement direction: tuesdae houston, ting-ning wen

creation and performance: 

matsu - tiffany tang

qi - vivi wei

gladys - ting-ning wen

sundae - tuesdae houston

oaix - xiaonan wang

ikik - kiki ye

music composition and sound design: jovienne jin, He zh@ng

scenography: ning zhou

stage management: Jojo Jin, He zh@ng

cat advisor: vivi wei

poster design by xiaonan wang with contributions from the ensemble

thanks to Theatre Deli, Studio Wayne Mcgregor, Ugly Duck and Trinity Laban for space support

production: ensemble not found


「對我來說小孩更像大寫。」 - 甯


special thanks to Jess Lau Ching Wa, Peijia Hu, Women in Lit (Douban Group)

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