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About the show

Yuanzi/原子 is a doomer in her 20s and a Chinese living in London. Under the pressure of a friend, she takes on a bizarre journey to her past by making a film about her life. Buried underneath her apathy, cynicism and doomerism, Yuanzi now finds herself back in a desert town called Factory 404/四零四厂, a Chinese city built with the sole purpose of hosting a nuclear weapon as well as the place where she spent the happiest time of her life with her dear grandpa, who first came to this city with utopian ideals and shining dreams.

People said these...

“a host of excellent ideas”
“The whole show felt like a merge of live art and theatre”
Audience Review
“The play is undeniably charged with political discourse, but the format, combined with the enthusiasm of the cast, creates a balanced narrative that never feels loaded or falls into clichés.”
The Play's The Thing
“The show’s ability to translate abstract concepts into an audience-friendly performance is a triumph.”
Everything Theatre
“Spot-on stagecraft.”
“Never seen anything like it!”
Audience Review
“One of the best piece of theatre we've seen this year, incredible use of the space, multirole, projection, all of it, breathtaking!”
Dogmouth Theatre

About Our Team

Performer: Xiaonan Wang

Performer: Kelvin Chan

Performer: Francesca Marcolina


Director: He Zhang 

Associate Director: Kiki Ye 

Movement Director: Ting-Ning Wen 

Stage Manager: Wei Wei

Assistant Stage Manager: Jiujiu Jin

Original Music by Jovienne Jin

Poster Design by Cocoonics

Special thanks to: Austin Yang for being our banger of a performer back in September, Cheng Keng for his scenography support in our early R&D, Jamie Lu for her sound design back in September, Tuesdae Houston for working with us on the movement in September and also to Tiffany Tang, Enrico Liu, Amy Sze, Matthew Lloyd, East 15 Acting School, Theatre Deli, Centre 151, Actor East and so many VAULT Festival Artists who's been supportive in our piece!

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