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What factors decide when a country allow freer entries? What's the history of borders and visas?

Which country has the best passport and why? By whom and for what purpose are different countries' different visa questionnaires designed?


Why are most of the visa applications handled by third party private companies such as VFS global or TLS contact who are allowed to charge the applicants ridiculous sums for basic services such as document check, printing or even deliveries?

​What's your visa story?



​Project nighthawker is potentially a performance piece centring around food and migration.

How food moves from country to country?

how migrants adapt their home country's dishes for the tastes of the people in the new country?

how food recipes such as baklava and shakshuka are claimed by multiple countries and can't be definitively traced to one?

we want to make a new, devised, sort of dinner theatre, sort of immersive theatre, sort of performance art mash up that combines all these thoughts into an experience we can bring to British audiences

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